Books By Kelly


Jack Weaver Series

SIL 3D new married in lies 3dCaptured In Lies 3d

Other Thrillers


The Hunted 3d  the-hunt-3d  Thrill-of-the-Hunt-3d

Contemporary Romance

Saving Shenanigans Series

Mabe-3d Meg3d Mara-3d

Other Romance

An Online Angel 3d


Guardians of Spirit Rock Series

Secrets-of-Wolf-3d.png Cry 3d Spirit of the Bear 3d Heart of an Eagle 3d


Haunted Destiny Series

Haunted-Destiny-New-3d.pngSweet Revenge 3d

Haunted Destiny 

Soul Fire Series

Soul Fire 3d

Other Paranormals

Jewels-of-Hera-3d.png BHM-3d