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Book Marketing – Self-Publishing Tips

I recently received a newsletter from Publisher’s Weekly/Booklife and wanted to share it with you.  I gained a great deal of valuable knowledge from this article. There was a lot here I already knew, but there are some new marketing … Continue reading

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Writing Tip – Hooks and Cliff Hangers

Want to keep a reader interested in your book?  The first thing you need is a good hook.  You want to draw that reader in with something edgy within the first few paragraphs, but at the very least the first page.  … Continue reading

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Example of Swag Items I’ve Used

A whimsical post tonight. My name is Kelly Abell and I’m a bead addict. Many times readers and other authors ask what I use for giveaways and swag. I make my own. I try to theme jewelry with my books. … Continue reading

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Quality Vs. Quantity In The Self-Publishing World

I read an article in The Huffington Post yesterday that, at first, had me standing up and shouting, “Here! Here!”, then when I’d finished, I was filled with mixed emotions. I’m posting the link so you can read it before … Continue reading

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Writing Tip – The Dreaded Synopsis #amwriting

Okay, your manuscript is ready, you’ve mustered up  the courage and you’re ready to submit to an agent or a publisher.  You do your research and you find one or two that you think will be a fit for your … Continue reading

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