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Positioning Your Book

I finally got time to sit down and catch up on some of my industry reading early this morning before the birds were even up. Yes, author insomnia isn’t pleasant, but the muse wants what the muse wants, right? Anyway, … Continue reading

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Choosing a Graphic Designer

You’ve heard those commercials that start out with the deep voice stating, “In a world…”. That’s what I thought of as I write this blog post this morning.  So here goes… In a world of confounding confusion for an indie … Continue reading

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Am I Right For This Story?

I was fooling around on Facebook this morning and saw a post by an author friend of mine. She asked the question, and I’m not quoting, so I may take it a little out of context, “Ever have the feeling … Continue reading

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Author/Reader Events for Marketing

Last night I was a guest on a radio show hosted by Marsha Casper Cook. We spoke a great deal about marketing as an author. I’ve been in this industry a long time and have tried a lot of things, … Continue reading

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Patience Is A Writer’s Best Friend

I’ve just come off of a writing jag, and finished a four book series. Whew. I’ve neglected my blog, so I wanted to take some time this morning to reflect on my writing journey. I’m often asked by other writers and … Continue reading

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Book Marketing – Self-Publishing Tips

I recently received a newsletter from Publisher’s Weekly/Booklife and wanted to share it with you.  I gained a great deal of valuable knowledge from this article. There was a lot here I already knew, but there are some new marketing … Continue reading

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Quality Vs. Quantity In The Self-Publishing World

I read an article in The Huffington Post yesterday that, at first, had me standing up and shouting, “Here! Here!”, then when I’d finished, I was filled with mixed emotions. I’m posting the link so you can read it before … Continue reading

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To Self-Publish Or Not To Self-Publish #amwriting

I thought I’d take a moment to share with you what I’ve learned about authors who choose to self publish instead of going with a traditional or small press publisher. I think there are pro’s and cons to both sides, … Continue reading

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Dissecting A Publishing Contract – Part 4 of 4 – What is the Non-Competing Works Clause in a Publishing Contract? #amwriting

Before I share the final post for this series, I’d like to take a moment to express my gratitude to Kathryn for sharing her knowledge with all my readers. It’s been an enlightening series. At the end of this post I’ll … Continue reading

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Sittin’ On The Porch With Kelly – Author/Publisher Margo Bond Collins – On Being Indie #amwriting

Today I’m sittin’ on the porch with Margo Bond Collins, author and publisher extraordinaire. We’re sipping on some sweet iced tea and talking about Margo’s journey from author to publisher. She has some great insight we can all learn from. … Continue reading

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