Sittin’ On The Porch With Kelly – Author Elizabeth Seckman – It’s all about the lazy

Today is a delightful day because I’m joined on the porch by author Elizabeth Seckman. We’ve been giggling like school girls since she sat down. So much so, we nearly spilled our tea. Elizabeth shares a delightful story of a lesson learned about being lazy from her… (clears throat) um…muse. Let’s listen.

Even as a little girl, I wanted to be a writer.

Okay, so my idea of a writer was mostly  influenced by Felicia Gallant of  “Another World” (Oh the days of hurrying home from school to watch the soaps!)… sooo basically, I just wanted to spend my life wrapped in boas (the feathery kind) and click around in high heels (on the marble floors of my mansion!).

What I am finding is that writing is, ugh, work. There is no little fairy sprinkling golden words and ideas on my little blond head. (I think Steven King may be holding her hostage, I just can’t prove it.)

So, here I am. At the beginning.  The people in the ‘know’ tell me I need  to blog. And I need to publish some shorts (oh no, not my britches!). And I need to enter contests.  And I need to attend conferences. And I need to network. And I need to join writer’s groups. And I need to write. And I need to edit. And I need to query. And I need to research.  And for crying out loud, MAY I PLEASE HAVE A LITTLE TIME TO READ?

And I’m thinking I better pray.  Pray for a change of heart or the endurance to compete. It’s a tough world out there. So many good writers, so few good readers.

So, it’s important to bring the A game. Don’t get sloppy, don’t get cocky. My college English professor, Dr. Hart (Heartless was the pet name I fondly used in my thoughts). He gave me the first B I ever got in an English class. I was stunned. It almost brought me to tears. He stopped me as I was leaving the class.

He asked in his uber thick German accent, “Miss Hartman. Did my B surprise you?”

“Uh, hell yes.” (I really just nodded…understand, what I say and what I think are rarely congruent)

“You have talent Miss Hartman. But you are lazy. I’m sure you’ve earned  A’ s your whole life with writing that is ‘good enough’, but in this class, you better be prepared to stun me to get your A. Now have a good day.”

“Pecker head.” (okay, so I choked out a simple ‘thank you’…what else do you say to a scary German guy who holds the power to end your scholarship with a B?)

So, now when I write. Dr. Heartless, uh I mean Hart, is my muse (Darn you King, release the fairy!). He sits on my shoulder and barks, “lazy” until I struggle word by individual word until I hear him say, “eh, that’s better”.

And hopefully today’s result is a post that appears effortless ~  a chatty little informative dialogue between friends. And the best part is? You have no idea how many drafts it took to get here (3).  And in the sage, sitcom wisdom of  Dr. Bob Keslo  (“Scrubs”) … “ Anything in this world that’s worth having doesn’t come easy.”

(wipes tears of laughter from eyes) Oh Elizabeth, you crack me up. Thanks so much for visiting the porch today. You can find out more about Elizabeth and her books on my Porch Guests page.

About Kelly Abell

I am a writer, blogger, and graphic artist. My aim for you is to utilize this blog to help you improve your writing skills, and to educate you on the publishing business. If you need help with writing, want to self-publish a book and need advice, or just want to kick a story idea around to see what works best, that's what I'm here for. As I gain knowledge from editors and publishers, I will share that knowledge with you. As writers we should always strive to improve our craft and grow. A day should not pass where you haven't learned or tried something new with your writing. Many thanks to my Night Owl Friend, Lea Ellen Borg for editing my posts! Best to you and all your characters and stories. Write on, my friends...Write on.
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  1. Thanks so much for having me over Kelley! And thanks for the tea…you’re both the perfect amount of sweet and refreshing.



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