Stimulating Story Ideas


Ever have one of those days where you’re staring at a blank screen with no clue what to write? You’ve had ideas whirling in your mind for months, but now they escape you and you didn’t write them down. How can you stimulate an idea? Here are some thoughts to help you get the words flowing.

  • Watch the news – truth is definitely stranger than fiction, I’ve gotten several book ideas from true news events
  • Look at Stock Photos – Go to an online stock photo site, or even Google. Type in your general interest area (thrillers, romance, horror, etc.) and cruise around through the images. Something may spark an idea
  • Look over old notes you’ve saved – keep that notebook by your bed, near the TV or in your backpack or purse so when inspiration strikes you can write down your ideas
  • Play a word game – list some words that are prominently used in your genre then play with combinations in a sentence.
    • Example: man, woman, laundromat, late night, cookies – Love sparks when a man and woman share a pack of cookies late one night at a 24 hour laundromat.
  • Establish a writing buddy – develop a friendship with another author who writes in your genre. Call them up and bounce ideas around. Not only is this productive for your writing, but you build a great friendship at the same time.
  • Schedule a writing retreat – take a few days for yourself to just focus on writing. This doesn’t have to be an expensive adventure. You can do a staycation, but just give yourself permission to focus only on your stories for a few days.

Hopefully these ideas will help with filling up that blank screen. If one of these work for you tell me about it, or if you have other ideas, feel free to post them.

About Kelly Abell

I am a writer, blogger, and graphic artist. My aim for you is to utilize this blog to help you improve your writing skills, and to educate you on the publishing business. If you need help with writing, want to self-publish a book and need advice, or just want to kick a story idea around to see what works best, that's what I'm here for. As I gain knowledge from editors and publishers, I will share that knowledge with you. As writers we should always strive to improve our craft and grow. A day should not pass where you haven't learned or tried something new with your writing. Many thanks to my Night Owl Friend, Lea Ellen Borg for editing my posts! Best to you and all your characters and stories. Write on, my friends...Write on.
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