Why I Write Paranormal Stories


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With Halloween approaching, I found myself reflecting on a recent reader question. “Why do you write paranormal stories?”

It’s a common question I get often as I am a multi-genre author. I also write contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and thrillers. If you’re familiar with my books, I think you’ll find a vein of paranormal runs through them all from a straight forward paranormal creature or a human that shifts into such creature to  a hint of a higher supernatural being influencing my character’s life.

I enjoy writing paranormal books because it releases me from some of those formula bonds that you often find in certain genres. By inventing a world that has supernatural creatures, magic, and realms with no real boundaries, I can build a fascinating story and allow my characters freedoms that other genres don’t allow.

Growing up, I always enjoyed a good ghost story. I can remember nights spent in the cemetery across from my best friend’s house where we would go and scare ourselves silly telling goofy stories like Who’s Got My Golden Arm? Or re-telling episodes of The Night Stalker or Twilight Zone. I read Goosebumps and Tales From the Crypt voraciously. If it was scary I read it, eventually graduating to the greats such as Stephen King and Dean Koontz. So I guess my interest in the paranormal comes naturally.

I enjoy writing shifters (characters who change into some form of animal) because I like to explore what challenges their particular paranormal ability creates for them. How does it affect how they react to humans without their special gifts. What conflict does being so different create in their world. How do they over come those conflicts?

I like using magic because it allows me to do things with plot and character that don’t fit into a single mold. Oh sure…magic has its own set of rules and you need to be true to those, but who really knows what magic is capable of until you try something. That’s what this genre provides for me. A chance to try something different.

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Right now I’m working on my first Dragon Shifter story for a boxed set being released in March of 2017. I’m challenged by this character because once she gets herself out of the mess she’s in, I want her to be able to turn a curse into a blessing and retain some of her magnificent dragon powers and command them at will. It has to make sense to the reader, and therein lies the challenge. How do you make the unbelievable believable?

That’s what I love about writing, and particularly about writing paranormal stories.

Check out what I mean in some of my paranormal books:

Haunted Destiny

Secrets of a Wolf

Blood Harvest Moon

What do you love about reading a paranormal story?




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1 Response to Why I Write Paranormal Stories

  1. I find the Paranormal intriguing. I prefer the ones that seem to almost be believable; ghosts and such. That being said some of the vampires and other creatures can be very entertaining.
    I admire the creativity and discipline to create other worlds and creatures. FAB post ❤


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