Tease from a Dragon – Excerpt From Soul Fire – Releases Tomorrow

Dragon Lovers Unite! Tomorrow is the big day. Stoking the Flames releases with 13 dragon shifter stories fromBest Selling authors. As a tease, here’s part of Chapter One from my story Soul Fire.


How could she love a man who made her so furious? Because of his undying devotion, Grace had to murder thousands of innocent people. Her heart seized at the mere thought of what the Dark Witch’s curse held over her. When the witch enacted the bond of the Soul Fire Stone, Grace had no choice but to obey.

She rose higher in the sky, pressing down on the current with her strong wings. She’d need the height to swoop down on the village and release her rain of fire. She swiped at the air with her clawed feet, climbing higher with each stroke. If only she could figure out a way to fight the burning desire to destroy everything in her path each time the witch called upon her. She tried it once, and the pain nearly dropped her out of the sky. Some days, dying seemed a viable escape. Just refuse the Soul Fire’s call and let the agony consume her. It couldn’t hurt any worse than being forced to kill innocents. Only one thing kept her from surrendering…. Hope. Hope the infuriating man she loved would find a way to break the curse. But every time he got close, the witch summoned her dragon to destroy whichever town in which he sought information to the witch’s whereabouts.

I’m that dragon. I’m the one forced to expel my fiery breath upon all those who have no idea what danger is about to befall them. I’ve warned Gabriel time and time again. Search for the witch, but do not ask for information in town. He has the God-given talent to find her by other means. Why doesn’t he use it? He’s a hunter at heart, and I’m his prey. But this is inexcusable.

The call of the witch’s wrath flowed over her in a red-hot wave.

Do it! the witch’s voice commanded her.

Grace couldn’t resist. The burn rose in her breast as she banked for the turn. She prayed her love had moved on.

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2 Responses to Tease from a Dragon – Excerpt From Soul Fire – Releases Tomorrow

  1. Billie Warta says:

    wondering how I will be able to find the sequel to “Soul Fire?” I enjoyed the story and would like to read the rest.



    • Kelly Abell says:

      Hi Billie.
      I’m working on it now. The title is Child of Grace. I’ll be sure and let you know when it’s being released. Thanks for your interest.


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