Captured In Lies

Captured In Lies 3d.png

After a passionate honeymoon in the Caribbean, Jack and Caroline Weaver return home to D.C. to begin their new life together. Approaching their house Jack’s cell phone rings and the explosion that follows changes Jack’s and Caroline’s lives forever. The Emperor is back and he wants revenge. 

Jack, reeling from the blast is anxiously awaiting word on the extent of Caroline’s injuries when he receives another call. The relentless Emperor has Jack’s sister, Lucy strapped to a bomb, somewhere in the city. To find her The Emperor sends Jack on a deadly game of scavenger hunt. The stakes are raised when another bomb is placed in Boston. The Emperor knows the ex-SEAL with the maverick reputation can’t be two places at once. How can Jack find his sister, keep his wife safe, and stop this deadly terrorist? 

He needs help, but it’s hard to know who to trust if you’re Captured in Lies.


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