Sealed In Lies

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Undercover for the CIA, Ex-SEAL Jack Weaver has poked his nose into the wrong computer file. Working as the top security man for the world’s largest drug cartel, Jack discovers a plot to assassinate his new Commander In Chief on Inauguration Day. The puppet master controlling the strings is a terrorist calling himself the Emperor. Not only does he have the cartel leader at his beck and call, but Jack discovers a horrifying connection to his old SEAL team. What are the odds? Forced with a choice, Jack shoots first. Now he’s a rogue agent on the run from multiple enemies. He needs answers to clear his name and knows just where to find them.

Caroline Walters is living her own life of lies. Married to Vice-President Elect, Warren Walters, she never dreamed her genteel upbringing would result in a marriage of horrors. Constantly abused, she prays for freedom. The night rogue spy Jack Weaver breaks into her home her prayers are answered. Caught seeking answers, Jack forces Caroline to come with him.

Jack continues his quest while dragging along the attractive wife of his old SEAL teammate. She turns out to be more help than hindrance, and an attraction develops neither can ignore. Guided by horrible nightmares from his past, Jack and Caroline rush to find the identity of the puppet master from hell before he can destroy what they both hold dear, including each other.

Enjoy the second edition of this romantic suspense thriller which has been brushed off, revamped and dressed up with a new cover. Book One of the Jack Weaver Series offers dynamic characters and page-turning thrills.

***** 5 Stars “This book kept me turning the pages, all the way from beginning to end. Like all good thrillers, it’s action packed, with several unexpected, surprising twists. Kelly Abell is great at building suspense and tension, keeping you guessing all the way to the end.” Nancy Wood

***** 5 Star “Just finished Kelly Abell’s Sealed In Lies and was so impressed with this book. Storyline, characters, descriptions – everything! There is intrigue, betrayal, suspense, lots of emotion and passion!” Mary Collins

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