Spirit of the Bear

Book Three of the Guardians of Spirit Rock Series


Spirit of the Bear 3dReturning from the war in Afghanistan hasn’t been a smooth transition for Deacon Gray. Forced to hide his true nature while in the military, plus the traumas of war have damaged him in ways he doesn’t even understand. When a flashback from the war consumes him, rendering him unreachable by the one person who could settle his mind, he shifts to the bear within him, and his life changes forever.

Suanne Darkwater loves Deacon Gray with all her soul. Helping him manage his PTSD with her psychic gift of influencing emotions has never failed her before. But it did this time, with tragic results. Before she can recover, evil strikes, forcing them to look beyond themselves to the safety of the clan and Spirit Rock.

Will Deacon be able to join his brothers to rid Spirit Rock of a threat far worse than they’ve ever encountered? Can he ever face his soul mate again after what he’s done to her? Is Suanne’s love and devotion strong enough to hold them together and keep Deacon from making an even bigger mistake?

Join the Gray brothers in Spirit Rock, South Dakota. Gifted with the power to shift into their own unique spirit animal, they have been bestowed with the enormous responsibility of watching over their ancestral canyon. Their strength and conviction will be tested…as will the depth and breadth of their heart and soul.

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