Thrill of the Hunt Anthology


In this Collection of Suspenseful Tales take a ride on the wild side with us as we explore the paranormal, psychological and frightening turns your life can take.
With a Foreword by Award Winning author Jana Oliver, open your minds and enjoy the ride.

L.E.Perez ~ Devil’s Cut
Katerina ‘Kat’ DelaVida is faced with a dark destiny when an old sword slices open a future filled with death. The darkness of the blade threatens to overwhelm her at every turn, as does the mysterious man who wants to take possession of it.

Kelly Abell ~ Sweet Revenge
Destiny Dove is really in it deep this time. In trying to help a Shade discover his killer, she becomes trapped in his desperate need for Sweet Revenge.

TM Witko ~ Shattered Glass
For Eileen Marshall, life was simple enough. Teach, come home to her husband, wake up and do it again. But when new student Marcy Daniels enters her classroom her life is turned upside down. The events that follow prove just how dangerous the girl is, but is it real or only in her mind? The truth may very well destroy her like a piece of shattered glass.

Susan Burdorf ~ Eye of the Beholder
Dive into The Pet Stoppe, where Shelley has returned home to help her mother run the popular pet shop. When a strange and exciting woman with two poodles enters the shop, Shelley changes her mind about life and love forever. The woman’s murder has Shelley being stalked by two men, one who loves her and one who wants to kill her. Who is who is the question. Missing diamonds, a supposed haunted house, and a couple of dogs who save the day remind Shelley that life is meant to be lived.

LEAK ~ J. Nichole Parkins
All of her coworkers were dead – or so Lydia claimed. A simple coin toss had spared her life. On the run, she’s fleeing across the country, trying to keep her family safe in a race against time and nature. Will their luck hold, or is it too late for them all?

Imposter ~ Laura Stapleton
A fake doctor played the medical hero with Dr. Aaron Nicholson’s credentials. No one died, but what about the next patient the identity thief treats? Afraid of the next time this guy impersonates him, Aaron must find out who his imposter is before someone dies.

Follow ~ L. Marshall James
Jil’s beautiful son is dead. Despite counseling and the passage of time, her unbearable sorrow persists. Desperate to find a way to let go, she visits a medium with the hope of contacting her son. She says she is willing to give anything for her son. Soon, she may find that anything is not enough.

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