Re-Release Sealed In Lies Feb 2018

Sometimes you just need to pull a book from circulation, dust it off and give it a new look.  That’s what I’ve done with my first novel, Sealed In Lies. Book One of the Jack Weaver series. Re-releasing next month so be on the look out. If you’ve already experienced Jack and Caroline’s story, I hope you’ll leave a review at the new link. If not, check out this riveting romantic suspense thriller.

SIL 3D new

Undercover for the CIA, Ex-SEAL Jack Weaver has poked his nose into the wrong computer file. Working as the top security man for the world’s largest drug cartel, Jack discovers a plot to assassinate his new Commander In Chief on Inauguration Day. The puppet master controlling the strings is a terrorist calling himself the Emperor. Not only does he have the cartel leader at his beck and call, but Jack discovers a horrifying connection to his old SEAL team. What are the odds? Forced with a choice, Jack shoots first. Now he’s a rogue agent on the run from multiple enemies. He needs answers to clear his name and knows just where to find them.

Caroline Walters is living her own life of lies. Married to Vice-President Elect, Warren Walters, she never dreamed her genteel upbringing would result in a marriage of horrors. Constantly abused, she prays for freedom. The night rogue spy Jack Weaver breaks into her home her prayers are answered. Caught seeking answers, Jack forces Caroline to come with him.

Jack continues his quest while dragging along the attractive wife of his old SEAL teammate. She turns out to be more help than hindrance, and an attraction develops neither can ignore. Guided by horrible nightmares from his past, Jack and Caroline rush to find the identity of the puppet master from hell before he can destroy what they both hold dear, including each other.

Be on the lookout for the new buy links!

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Meet the Characters: One-Eyed Jack, Jayla’s Mysterious All Knowing Cat

One eyed Jack

This week I’d like to introduce you to One-Eyed Jack. Based on a real animal, he is the cat with a huge personality in my short thriller story Of My Blood in The Hunted Anthology. Jack can understand human words and emotions and in this story he does his best to teach Jayla about her new found inheritance and family blood line.

He may have created a monster in Jayla though. Once she realizes her power and what she can accomplish, she struggles whether to use it for good or for evil.

Here’s an excerpt from the story:

After breakfast, Jayla dressed in an old pair of jeans and tank top. She grabbed a pad and pen to take inventory then trotted down to the kitchen. The cat, stretched out on a braided rug under the kitchen table, lazily opened his eye, gave her a cursory glance then closed it again with a deep cat sigh.

“Guess you’re not coming along for the journey, huh?”

He emitted a guttural sound and rolled over, his pearl-gray fur flattening beneath him.

“Fine, be that way.” She paused. “You know, I really should give you a name. You look like a pirate with that slit eye of yours.” She knelt in front of him, tapped him on each shoulder with her finger. “I dub thee One-eyed Jack.”

Jack’s eye opened, and Jayla could swear he rolled it at her.

“Okay, so I’m not very imaginative when it comes to naming animals. Don’t like it? Too bad.”

Jack meowed. He stood and stretched then bumped his head against her hand.

“Oh, so we’re friends now, are we?”

He bumped her again then reached out with a paw and scratched her. Not deep. Just enough to remind her who was boss.

“Ow, you bastard.” She rubbed the rising welt. “See if you get another can of food from me.” She got to her feet. Even if he was a pain in the ass, she liked the tough old cat. Not one for pets, her sentiment surprised her.

She turned toward the heavy wooden basement door secured with three steel deadbolts.

“Wow, seems like overkill.”

Jack meowed.

She turned the locks and pulled the door open. It creaked, sending a shiver through her. “Sounds like a door in a horror movie.”

She flipped up the light switch. The floor at the foot of the stairs lit with a sickly yellow glow.

At the bottom of the steps, she surveyed her surroundings. Only two bulbs lit the voluminous space. Bare brick walls connected with a concrete floor. Within the pale circle of light, she could see stacks of boxes, discarded furniture, racks of old clothes, and shelves of jarred goods filled with God only knew what. What the light couldn’t reach remained in deep shadow. Immediately overwhelmed, she plopped down on the bottom step.

“Holy shit. I don’t even know where to start. This is a lot of stuff.”

Jack meowed. He glanced up at her. Jayla swore he shook his head as if to say, “You’re pathetic.” He then sauntered to an old rolltop desk. He hopped up on the chair and pawed the jointed top.

Astonished, Jayla joined the cat. “Are you saying I should start here?”

Jack meowed.

“Huh. Well, aren’t you the helpful cuss. Let me look around first, and then I may just take you up on your advice.”

Jack shrugged and settled into the chair.

She wove her way through the stacks of debris, glancing back and forth to take in the massive room. It covered the full length and width of the house. As she moved toward the wall closest to the woods, she spotted an old tapestry hanging on the wall, the design obscured in shadow.

“I wish I’d brought a flashlight.”

She jumped at the sound of a metal object rolling across the concrete floor. She glanced down to see a long metal flashlight. Jack stood a few feet away.

No way. Her skin crawled, her heart skipped a beat. Wow. Can he understand what I say? Too weird.

But being an accomplished archeologist, she’d seen weirder. “Thanks, Jack.”

The cat turned, flicked his tail, and returned to the desk chair.

After picking up the flashlight, Jayla switched it on. The beam shone on the beautiful needlework. The threads had faded a bit, but she could make out the design of a town. Not a map per se, but a rendition of the main street and a few prominent buildings. A church, what appeared to be a town police station, several stores, and a few restaurants.

She moved the beam down to the bottom corner, revealing a picturesque covered bridge. The road came through the bridge to the center of town and wound up into the top left-hand corner where it disappeared. Scattered throughout the rest of the design were houses, large and small.

“It’s lovely,” she breathed.

Across the bottom of the tapestry were stitched the words, White Bridge.

“What a cute town, Jack. I wonder if my grandmother lived there? Wonder if she did this tapestry?”

The cat answered with a muffled meow.

She studied the needlework. The buildings didn’t appear too old in design. Perhaps the early 1800s. Where was this place? Nearby? Far away from here? Had her grandmother done this tapestry to remember a place where she grew up?

She fingered the edge, admiring the workmanship. Suddenly, the wall hanging jerked to the left, the bottom edge bumping against her leg. She glanced down, and Jack stared up at her, the corner of the tapestry in his teeth.

“What the…?”

She pulled the hanging out from the wall and shined the flashlight behind it. “A door. And this one has three locks, too.” She stared down at Jack. “Where does it go?”

The cat’s expression said, “Well open it, stupid, and find out.”

Apprehension flowed through her. Sweat popped out on her forehead despite the cool, damp room. Hidden doors led to hidden rooms or worse. She’d watched enough horror movies to know this was a door people screamed at the characters on the screen not to open.

The cat bumped her leg.

“I’m not going in there.”

He bumped her leg again, meowing.

“People don’t cover doors with tapestries and triple bolt them if they want you to go in. That usually keeps something out.” She dropped the wall hanging back in place.

Jack yowled.

Jayla turned away from the door. “No. I’m not going in there.” She glanced over her shoulder. “Not yet, anyway.”

If you enjoyed the excerpt and want to know more about old One-Eyed Jack, buy the book! It contains wonderful thrillers from multiple authors. All the proceeds of this book goes to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, so I hope you buy it and tell your friends about it.

The Hunted 3d

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Meet the Characters: Harvey – Daphne’s dog in Secrets of a Wolf

I thought you might enjoy meeting some of the characters of my books. Particularly the four-legged ones.

Meet Harvey…

The Yorkshire TerrierHarvey belongs to Dr. Daphne Valentine, the heroine in Secrets of a Wolf. Daphne has a special ability. She can communicate with animals. They send her visions of their thoughts. The first time we meet Harvey, her beloved Yorkshire Terrier, she is moving to Spirit Rock for the first time.

Harvey is a fun loving pooch who doesn’t trust easily. You find out why later in the story, but he adds humor, fun and love to Daphne’s life.

Here’ s a short scene to introduce you to Harvey from Book 1 – the Guardians of Spirit Rock Series- Secrets of a Wolf.

“Let’s get the rest of our stuff, Harvey. I have a broom, dust pan, and vacuum in the car. That should go a long way to cleaning up allergy city.”

She stepped onto the porch and surveyed the landscape surrounding her. In the distance stood the beautiful Black Hills. “The Land of the Sioux,” she told Harvey.

The little dog chuffed, left the porch, and peed.

Daphne laughed. “Obviously you’re not impressed.”

She approached her car and opened the trunk. In the process of placing her bags on the dusty two-wheeled path her car had taken to the cabin. Harvey barked and snarled. He’s seen a rabbit. Poor thing, he’ll see more than one strange thing out here.

The barking grew frantic. She peered around the trunk lid. “What is it?”

The Yorkie immediately sent her visions of a very large black wolf. Surprised, she joined the hysterical dog. Wolves, in this part of the country? And a black one. Surely, he’s mistaken. She glanced in the direction he barked, shielding her eyes from the midday sun. Sure enough, at the edge of the forest stood a very large black wolf.

“Holy crap, that’s a big wolf.”

Harvey gazed up, giving her his I told you so expression.

She reached out with her senses to see if she could communicate with the creature, but it stood too far away. She treasured her special talent to communicate with animals—until last month in Seattle when said gift had ruined her career as a K-9 handler/vet for the Seattle Police Department, and taken from her the one man she loved with all her being. Not all animals could be trusted, a lesson she’d learned the hard way. Her partner and fiancé lost his life, and she’d lost her job. Now, her ability didn’t seem like much of a gift. She shivered. Pushing the pain from her mind, she reached out to the wolf a second time.

After a moment, she blew out a breath. “Too far, Harvey.”

Taking a few steps in the direction of the majestic animal, she tried to guess its weight. Twice as large as any German Shepherd, it had to weigh close to a hundred pounds. She couldn’t determine eye color, but his coat was solid black, with the exception of a distinctive small patch of white fur atop its massive head. “What a beauty.”

Harvey stared at her.

She reached down and picked up the trembling dog. “It’s okay, boy. I’m not going to let it hurt you.”

The small dog licked her face, sending her a feeling of trust and love. She smiled.

“Here, I’ll put you back in the cabin while I get the rest of the stuff.”

Harvey growled and sneezed.

“Well, it’s either out here with the big bad wolf, or its inside with the dust. Which will it be?”

The little dog whined, but sent her a picture of the inside of the cabin.

“Okay. Cabin it is.”

As the book progresses, Harvey becomes a key character in helping Daphne solve a serious problem of the heart.

I hope you enjoyed meeting Harvey. If you’d like to read more Or Listen to the Audio version visit the Secrets of a Wolf Page.

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Where Do I Start?


A new writer asked, “Where do I start if I want to be a writer?”

My response? By writing.

Here are a few tips to help clarify my meaning of “by writing”.

  1. Write something every day. It could be a journal entry, a paragraph, a few lines for a story idea, a blog article…anything. Just write.
  2. Write what you know. If you are beginning a novel start with ideas, situations, people, places that you are familiar with. This increases your confidence as you begin to experiment with all the other aspects of the craft.
  3. Research your craft. Find good books about writing. If you’re a Fiction writer, I recommend the Write Great Fiction Series. Bird by Bird by Anne LaMott is also a good book for beginning writers.
  4. Don’t start by asking the question, “How much money can I make?” Write because it makes you happy. Study your craft to become the best writer you can be. The money will take care of itself.
  5. Study basic grammar and sentence structure. Know where to put commas and quotation marks at a bare minimum. Knowing basic story structure will help you so much in the long run. The Little Brown Handbook is an excellent reference.
  6. Approach critique groups with caution. If these are run correctly they can be a great support to a budding writer, if not, it can discourage you forever. Find a writing mentor you can trust who will encourage you, not tear you down.
  7. Stay away from social media groups for a while. You can become totally overwhelmed by all the information thrown at you. Again, find a writing mentor you can trust.

Speaking of becoming overwhelmed! That’s probably enough to chew on for now. I’ll leave the floor open to comments and thoughts from others.

Write On!


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New RELEASE! Secrets of A Wolf Is Now An Audio Book.

I am so excited about this. Just in time for the holidays, the first book in The Guardians of Spirit Rock Series, Secrets of a Wolf is now available as an audio book!

Working with Dawn Kingheart and Andrew Bearden was a delightful experience. I love how the narration moves from female to male as the characters change. I’m honored they’ve agreed to do the entire series!



A tragic event ruins Daphne Valentine’s career as a K-9 cop and department veterinarian in Seattle. Devastated, she escapes to Spirit Rock, South Dakota, to start over as the vet for an animal wildlife rescue park. When she arrives, nothing goes quite as planned — especially when she meets her new boss for the first time and she’s almost stark naked. Not the greatest first impression…. Or is it?

A confirmed bachelor, Cameron Gray is shocked at his instant attraction to his new employee. He soon learns she carries quite a bit of extra baggage, but even so, his desire to possess the sexy vet ignites him with a need he and his wolf can’t ignore. But all is not what it seems…. What exactly drove Daphne to leave her successful career and move to Seattle?

When dangerous poachers bring the two together in the line of duty, Daphne discovers Cameron’s secret, forcing her to question every decision she’s made since arriving in Spirit Rock. Will the tender new love they’ve found be enough to hold them together or drive them apart forever?

Join the Gray brothers in Spirit Rock, South Dakota. Gifted with the power to shift into their own unique spirit animal, they have been bestowed with the enormous responsibility of watching over their ancestral canyon. Their strength and conviction will be tested…as will the depth and breadth of their heart and soul.

Listen for Free on Now! 

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Be True To Your Character

While reading a writing sample by an aspiring writer, I noticed something that I’d like to share.  It was clear this writer hadn’t taken the time to get to know her characters very well. When formulating your characters you need to know them better than you know the person you are closest to in life, a partner, spouse, child, etc. Easy right? Not necessarily. If you haven’t given enough time to getting to know your character, your reader will notice.

Building a character profile is only half the battle. Once you do that, you have to refer to it. Not only for physical characteristics, but personality characteristics as well. Here are a few tips to keep you true to your characters:

  • If you give them a “quirk”, be consistent with it. If they are jumpy, don’t mention steady hands
  • Avoid cliches and stereotypes. Keep your characters unique
  • Think about each scene and analyze how the personality characteristics you gave your character come into play. For example, if the character is meek, they’d run rather than fight when confronted by a threat
  • Apply a character’s personality traits to their dialogue. A lawyer raised in privilege will speak differently from a seventy-year-old with a third grade education
  • As your hero or heroine develops throughout your story be sure to keep those growth characteristics throughout the rest of the story. A near death experience will change the way a person behaves.
  • Avoid flat characters. Give them a reason to change.

That’s probably enough to digest for now. Scroll through my other blog entries for more writing tips.

Good luck to all you NANOWRIMO writers. I wish you the best.

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Christmas Novella – An Online Angel

Hi Readers,

Just wanted to let you know my Christmas Novella, An Online Angel is now up for Pre-order on Amazon. It’s a Sweet Romance and just in time for the Holidays.  Only 99 Cents so grab while its on sale! Launches 12/1/2017.

An innocent trip to an online store to buy her three year old son a Christmas gift turns into a living nightmare for Cheryl. Mark, her poker obsessed husband has just cleaned out their entire savings account for a high stakes poker tournament three weeks before Christmas. On top of that he’s decided to leave her and the son he never wanted because Cheryl “doesn’t get him”. Devastated, scared, and confused Cheryl must find a way to keep her struggling law practice alive and provide some kind of Christmas for Robbie.

Cheryl had her doubts about marrying Mark in the first place, and she should have listened to her instincts. Letting go of her first love, Kevin, was something she regretted even more now. At the time he wasn’t good enough for her, or so her parents tried to convince her. When Kevin contacts her out of the blue right before Christmas, is Cheryl due a Christmas miracle? Can one innocent message on Facebook rewind the past?

Online Angel Cover copy

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