New YouTube Channel

Hi Readers! I’m excited to announce my new YouTube channel where I’ll be sharing writing tips and doing some readings from my novels and who knows what other crazy stuff I’ll come with.

Stop by and subscribe!

Kelly’s YouTube Channel

Look forward to seeing you there!

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New Release: The Haunted Cave

For those of you who are fans of Destiny Dove from my Haunted Destiny series, Destiny is in trouble again. Included in this Anthology of thriller short stories, she meets the Bell Witch for the first time. Don’t know the legend of  the Bell Witch? Check it out HERE.

The Haunted Cave

Its Spring Break and Destiny Dove’s best friend Haley has invited her to travel on a family trip to Tennessee. On the long drive from Florida, Haley tells Destiny the legend of The Bell Witch, an entity that tormented the Bell family back in the 1860’s. The cave where the Bell Witch was rumored to reside is less than a mile by trail from Haley’s aunt’s house. They sign up for a tour of the cave where the number one rule is Don’t remove anything from the cave. ANYTHING.

Destiny feels more than one presence in the cave. A dark oppressive spirit and the energy of an entity she can’t quite describe and has never experienced before. She actually sees the entity and the entity is surprised that it can be seen.

When Haley takes a bone from the cave she’s possessed by the dark spirit. Destiny has a very short amount of time to save her friend and return the bone to the cave before her parents find out and the family is set to return to Florida. Alone and frightened for her friend, Destiny calls on the entity known as the Bell Witch for help. Knowing the stories of how fickle the entity can be, will it help Destiny save her friend, or turn a blind eye and leave the teen medium to her own devices?

Pre-order your copy of these great thrillers today! All twists on Urban Legends. All proceeds are being donated to Puerto Rico Relief. Support a great cause and get some thrilling reads.


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7 Things You May Not Know About Me and My Writing

2017 Business Cards

Today I was asked to share on Facebook seven things you may not know about me and my writing. This sounded fun, so I put my thinking cap on and decided to make it a blog article.

  1. I must have absolute silence to write.
  2. I am an outliner. I crave the organization, but I’m not too crazy with it. If the characters “hijack the bus” then I’ll ride along with them to see where they go.
  3. I used to be the Literary Editor of our high school magazine, Sketches.
  4. I had written a series back in High School before I really understood what a series was. I had a collection of stories about teens at Westside High. Maybe I’ll resurrect them one day.
  5. I cry when I kill off characters I love – even those I love to hate!
  6. I include something ethereal or slightly paranormal in almost all my stories.
  7. When you start talking to me about writing….Beware! I don’t shut up.

I not only love writing, but I AM a writer. It’s not just what I do, but who I am. I live constantly with a jumble of characters in my head, each fighting for their shot at the page. It’s a crowded life, but I one I cherish.



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Celebrate An Award Winner – An Online Angel

An Online Angel 3dPRG-2017-RCA-Best-Novel-3rd-min-768x576

An Online Angel won 3rd place in the 2017 PRG Reviewer’s Choice Awards. I’m very honored. Thanks Paranormal Romance Guild.

You haven’t read it? Do so now for 99 cents through March 31,2018! It’s never the wrong time of year for a sweet holiday romance.

An innocent trip to an online store to buy her three year old son a Christmas gift turns into a living nightmare for Cheryl. Mark, her poker obsessed husband has just cleaned out their entire savings account for a high stakes poker tournament three weeks before Christmas. On top of that he’s decided to leave her and the son he never wanted because Cheryl “doesn’t get him”. Devastated, scared, and confused Cheryl must find a way to keep her struggling law practice alive and provide some kind of Christmas for Robbie.

Cheryl had her doubts about marrying Mark in the first place, and she should have listened to her instincts. Letting go of her first love, Kevin, was something she regretted even more now. At the time he wasn’t good enough for her, or so her parents tried to convince her. When Kevin contacts her out of the blue right before Christmas, is Cheryl due a Christmas miracle? Can one innocent message on Facebook rewind the past?

Get your copy now!


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New Release: Matrimony in Lies

married in lies 3d

Yep I’ve been busy. I’ve just released a new short story in the Jack Weaver Series, Matrimony in Lies.

Get yours ecopy while its only 99 Cents!
Buy Link below
You met them in Sealed in Lies – Book One of the Jack Weaver Series. Jack and Caroline are in Vegas for their wedding and excited about their honeymoon trip to the Caribbean on a private yacht. Caroline is happy that Jack has decided to step away from the CIA and start his own security firm.
But one call from the Director of Homeland Security interrupts Jack’s wedding night and his best laid plans. He’s tasked to track down a Columbian terrorist in the very hotel he’s staying in. What are the odds? But then again, this is Vegas. How will Jack manage to serve his country and keep his new bride safe without her learning about his deadly side job?
Barnes & Noble
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Sealed In Lies – Now Available

SIL 3D new

I’m excited to announce:
Sealed In Lies
Book 1 in the Jack Weaver Series
CIA Operative Jack Weaver finds trouble wherever he goes. This time the nation’s security depends on him and the one woman who may tame his heart.

Barnes & Noble:

Undercover for the CIA, Ex-SEAL Jack Weaver has poked his nose into the wrong computer file. Working as the top security man for the world’s largest drug cartel, Jack discovers a plot to assassinate his new Commander In Chief on Inauguration Day. The puppet master controlling the strings is a terrorist calling himself the Emperor. Not only does he have the cartel leader at his beck and call, but Jack discovers a horrifying connection to his old SEAL team. What are the odds? Forced with a choice, Jack shoots first. Now he’s a rogue agent on the run from multiple enemies. He needs answers to clear his name and knows just where to find them.

Caroline Walters is living her own life of lies. Married to Vice-President Elect, Warren Walters, she never dreamed her genteel upbringing would result in a marriage of horrors. Constantly abused, she prays for freedom. The night rogue spy Jack Weaver breaks into her home her prayers are answered. Caught seeking information, Jack forces Caroline to come with him.

Jack continues his quest while dragging along the attractive wife of his old SEAL teammate. She turns out to be more help than hindrance, and an attraction develops neither can ignore. Guided by horrible nightmares from his past, Jack and Caroline rush to find the identity of the puppet master from hell before he can destroy what they both hold dear, including each other.

Originally released in 2010 this riveting story has received a much needed make over. Author, Kelly Abell, proudly presents this new and improved edition.

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Writers Are Observers

I’m in the process of gathering some ideas for a new contemporary romance trilogy. I thought I’d share some thoughts I have about gathering ideas.

Writers are observers. I mean we view the world in a different way than a non writer. Everything we witness, overhear, watch on the news, discuss with our friends has the ability to spark a story. Be forewarned friends and family. (Smile)

I take a notebook, or I always have my phone with me when I go out. I people watch when I go to the store, restaurants, events, etc. When I hear a particularly interesting piece of dialogue, I jot it down. When I see an interesting person, I write down their description to use for a character later. Now, don’t get the idea that I’m some stalker lingering on every word people say and spying on what they do. Far from it. But I am more observant than your average bear. When I am in a grand hotel for instance, I’ll take a moment to jot down a description so I can use it a scene later. I note the way furniture is arranged, the sparkling chandeliers, and so on. You’d be surprised how much more information you’ll have once you start writing if you rely on these notes.

Do you watch the news on a regular basis? Oh boy, the crazy things people do to and for one another. There’s a gazillion story ideas in just one day’s worth of news. In fact, my first book Sealed In Lies came from a newspaper article.

Have I come up with something for my trilogy yet? No. But today is a new day. Enjoy your observations.



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