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More on Showing Vs. Telling -“Felt” A Word to Avoid

As I’ve gone through the editing process with Secrets of a Wolf, I can assure you that a GOOD editor is more valuable than any precious gem. Worth more than twice their weight in gold! Always be willing to improve … Continue reading

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Writing Tip – When To Use Prologues #amwriting

I was having this discussion with a fellow author today and thought it would be a great topic for my next tip.  To help my discussion along I looked up the definition of Prologue on http://www.dictionary.com.  This is what they have … Continue reading

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Writing Tip #3 – Avoiding Worn Out Phrases – Warning: Adult Content #amwriting

I think I’ll have a little fun today. I was participating in some readers’ forums on various sites and ran across this thread where readers commented on trite, overused, and worn out phrases that authors use in novels. I had … Continue reading

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