Putting On Your Online Suit – Making Negative Comments About Your Publisher #amwriting

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I know I’ve mentioned this before in some capacity, but I keep seeing posts on social media by authors and their content disturbs me. If you are an author, I would advise not making public posts that are negative in nature about your current publisher. A number of things can happen if you do:

  • You lose credibility as a professional
  • You anger your current publisher and may reduce the willingness of that publisher to help you in the future, not to mention publishing future works
  • You negate the desire of another publisher or potential agent to work with you – no one likes a whiner or complainer – it’s best just to avoid them no matter how talented they may be
  • You appear to be hiding behind social media to resolve your problems

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If you have a concern with your current publisher, deal with them directly. No publishing house is perfect and they all employ humans who make mistakes. Give them the opportunity to correct their mistake and avoid blasting your dissatisfaction online.

If you feel you must write a review, a wonderful place to voice your concern is through a legitimate website known as Predators and Editors. Here you can voice your concern and those comments are woven into an overall recommendation for that particular publisher. It is a legitimate website that in my opinion is professionally moderated and a great place to find valid information before you seek an agent or publisher.

Just remember that airing your “dirty laundry” publically doesn’t resolve your problem or make you any more respected by your peers and readers. In fact….it could do the opposite with devastating results for you and your books.

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I am a writer, blogger, and graphic artist. My aim for you is to utilize this blog to help you improve your writing skills, and to educate you on the publishing business. If you need help with writing, want to self-publish a book and need advice, or just want to kick a story idea around to see what works best, that's what I'm here for. As I gain knowledge from editors and publishers, I will share that knowledge with you. As writers we should always strive to improve our craft and grow. A day should not pass where you haven't learned or tried something new with your writing. Many thanks to my Night Owl Friend, Lea Ellen Borg for editing my posts! Best to you and all your characters and stories. Write on, my friends...Write on.
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3 Responses to Putting On Your Online Suit – Making Negative Comments About Your Publisher #amwriting

  1. Jenifer Ruff says:

    This is a great reminder for everyone and I am glad you wrote it!!!


  2. kathispray says:

    Great points. Exactly what I wanted to say to an author who posted a video answering a fan who complained about the cost of her book. The author kept going on and on about how much time she misses with her family when she’s writing, and the cost of self publishing. I got irritated and stopped watching because her phone kept beeping message alerts the whole time.


  3. Ron Hepner says:

    Do you know what the word “NO” means? It’s so you don’t complain, gripe, mouth off, force your opinion, bad talk or become someone who everybody will avoid like the plague.


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