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Sittin’ On The Porch With Kelly – Author Margaret Millmore Takes On Her Great Nemesis…MARKETING

It’s a little chilly this morning on the porch, but I can’t even complain as I know my brothers and sisters in New England would scoff and laugh me off the porch! My heart goes out to all of you … Continue reading

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Posting a Notice on Facebook – Does it Work? #amwriting

I’ve been seeing these notices on Facebook to avoid copyright violations and plagiarism on Facebook lately so I asked my attorney friend, Kathryn Goldman if it really worked. She was kind enough to share this article with me from Plagiarism … Continue reading

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Sittin’ On The Porch With Kelly – Author Sheila Lamb – How I Beat Writer’s Block #amwriting

It’s really cold today, for Florida that is, and joining me on the porch is author Sheila Lamb.  We’re bundled up under a fleece blankie with some vanilla lattes discussing how to over come writer’s block.  I find her idea … Continue reading

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Self-Publishing Tip #3 – Building Your Author Brand Series – Banners #amwriting

Web banners are a great way to build your brand as an author. You need a visual that readers can associate with you as an author. It can either contain graphics from your most recent release or something that brands … Continue reading

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Sittin’ on the Porch with Kelly – Author Cynthia Ley – The Power of Words #amwriting

It’s a little cooler on the porch today, so Author Cynthia Ley and I are sipping hot cocoa with those little tiny marshmallows, a rare drink in Florida. We take the opportunity to enjoy it when we can. Cynthia has … Continue reading

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Writing Tip #3 – Avoiding Worn Out Phrases – Warning: Adult Content #amwriting

I think I’ll have a little fun today. I was participating in some readers’ forums on various sites and ran across this thread where readers commented on trite, overused, and worn out phrases that authors use in novels. I had … Continue reading

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Where Do Story Ideas Come From? The Daily News #amwriting

They say truth is stranger than fiction. I sure have found that to be the case. Whenever I’m searching for a story idea, I never have to go much farther than my own television. The daily news is a beehive … Continue reading

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